South Coast, Sea to Sky, Sunshine, Vancouver Island - Dom Ngo
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South Picket Range, North Cascades of Washington in smokey morning light. Mount Rainier (background)

West McMillan Spire (8000 ft)
East McMillan Spire and Little Mac Spire (7992 ft)
Inspiration Peak (7880 ft)
The Pyramid (7920 ft)
Mount Degenhardt (8000 ft)
The Chopping Block (aka Pinnacle Peak) (6819 ft)
Mt. Terror (8151 ft)
The Rake (The Blob) (7840 ft)
Twin Needles (7936 ft)
Himmelgeister*horn (7880 ft)
Ottohorn (7840 ft)
Frenzel Spitz (7440 ft)

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